Violet Brown

VIOLET BROWN – legendary Music & Entertainment executive; earned over 600 Gold & Platinum plaques, Top Exec with TECH N9NE & STRANGE MUSIC; credits include breaking DR.DRE, SNOOP DOGG, WU TANG, JAY-Z, JANET JACKSON, ICE CUBE, EMINEM & countless others.

“I’m at I E S, the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT here in L.A., the entertainment capital of the world, & this is the first of many years to come! It’s 5 days of incredible speakers, many of the top leaders of the industry are freely giving serious knowledge, their trade secrets, & a ton of opportunities! There’s labels, artists & execs from all over the country & world, it’s an incredible energy of super positive & committed people at I E S! I normally come to a seminar, speak & leave. After I spoke at I E S I stayed all day & all night, there was non-stop excitement, a lot of great artists that the industry was checking out, & was part of the historic I E S HIP HOP HONORS event with legends that were inducted. There was fantastic artists that had full access to it all & I came back the next day just to be an attendee, as the top speakers are everywhere! There are so many interesting people & movers & shakers here at I E S, you can’t afford not to be here! I’m just so excited about this, if this is the beginning, I can’t wait to see what happens next year & the next – this is pretty amazing! Jay Warsinske has put on an amazing conference & the people are getting a LOT out of it, right now on stage is Ted Cohen – THE internet entertainment guru at the forefront of the industry’s future! It’s a WHO’s WHO giving knowledge at I E S, they are saying meaningful stuff, & a getting a real education from legends in the business, who really know what they are talking about. Thank you I E S for inviting me & making this great event happen, if you are serious you CANNOT miss the next one in August!”


Steve EggmanSTEVE EGGLESTON : CEO, EGGMAN GLOBAL; major worldwide entertainment company, longtime industry veteran, corporate attorney, artist manager & innovative executive.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the inaugural IES Summit. Though I sat on the panel side of 6 panels, I learned (and reaffirmed) as much information in a few days as I’ve acquired in the last ten years. I predict in 5 years or less, the Indie Entertainment Summit will be to the independent entertainment world, what the Sundance Film Festival is to the film world. New aspiring artists, as well as seasoned ones, will make deals that will change their lives forever. Hats off to Jay Warsinske & the entire IES Team for the courage and fortitude to make this revolutionary event happen on such an explosive scale.”



kevin_blackKEVIN BLACK – ex-President WARNER Urban, SVP INTERSCOPE & DEATH ROW; broke EMINEM, 2PAC, DR.DRE, SNOOP, 50 CENT,& many more.

“If you’re not at I E S, you aren’t going to live to be a competitive artist these days! I E S feed your mind, feed your soul, they’ll teach you which way to go!





SYDNEY ALSTON, Management Executive DISCMAKERS; had two major label deals previous as a professional recording artist.

“I E S is the best entertainment conference I’ve ever attended! In all my years at DISCMAKERS I’ve been to a LOT of conferences, seminars & trade shows, & the INDIE ENTERTAINMENT SUMMIT is by far the most comprehensive, highest level of speakers & most innovative MUST ATTEND event, every August in L.A.. If you’re not at I E S, you are way behind the curve!”




kevin_lymanKEVIN LYMAN – CEO/Founder WARPED TOUR, longest running tour in U.S. today, co-CEO MAYHEM FESTIVAL, & COUNTRY THROWDOWN tours.

“You should check out I E S, this is an annual event that we’ll ALL be going to for many years to come!”






peter_rafelsonPETER RAFELSON – Legendary Hit Producer / Songwriter; credits include LADY GAGA, BEYONCE, MADONNA & dozens of Top 10 Hits all over the World; Father created iconic TV Shows (MONKEES), influential movies (EASY RIDER)

“I was recently honored to speak on three panels at IES ! The overwhelming sense of good will and great energy at the event has made a lasting impression on me. To be able to share and exchange ideas with the audience, with peers and with industry professionals is absolutely invaluable. A new community is on the rise and am grateful to participate in the future growth of IES!”





“You think you know about the music business, you think you know about the movie business, the TV business, the entertainment business…. If you are NOT at I E S, you’re NOT in it! I’ve been doing this for over 25 years& I’m here STILL learning, there’s SO many incredible people here to grow from, pick their brains, & compare notes with. The biggest people in these industries are at I E S giving back the knowledge to you guys to grow – you GET what you put INTO it! Patience + Sacrifice = SUCCESS! So If you are NOT at I E S , you are NOT in it! With so many years to come, & so much to learn here at I E S, it’s not just A&Ring, or producing, it’s ALL areas of the business, all genres, & all aspects of the entertainment industries.It is a global business & lots of evolving parts of it, & I E S covers it all! I’m humbled & blessed that I spoke at I E S, & witnessed the inaugural IES HIP HOP HONORS with TECH N9NE, SPICE 1, CHINO XL & THA ALKAHOLIKS, If you miss this, you are NOT serious. If you’re NOT here, you’re not in it. PERIOD.”



144649438_640BRIAN SHAFTON, co-owner RBC RECORDS; operates the leading independent labels – STRANGE MUSIC (TECH N9NE), E-40, TOO SHORT, BONE THUGS, XZIBIT’s labels & more.

“I’m a partner in the largest Label Group there is – home to legends like TECH N9NE, E-40, TOO SHORT, BONE THUGS ‘n HARMONY, XZIBIT, DJ QUIK & more.I’m at I E S to educate these artists, so they become more attractive to our company or the industry to do business with. You are impacted by all these incredible veterans & legends, giving straight knowledge to you. Heavyweights galore at I E S, it’s an unbelievable opportunity to grow & connect. Whether you’re an artist, online marketer, if you’re a label, a producer….. whatever, I E S is the place you’ve GOT to be! It’s chock full of important people, & it’s something I plan to be at every year& know the attending artists are more serious & signable. There’s NO way you’re going to have the opportunity to meet this long list of high caliber of people in one place in the Entertainment Capital! Looking forward to meeting you at I E S, August in L.A.!”



media_35c21c35e9fc4f869c675ce8f26824c9_t607TECH N9NE, the #1 independent artist in America; millions in sales, completely independent, with no airplay or mainstream support, 1000% indie.

“It takes a LOT of courage & it takes a lot of determination to be independent! To be yourself & not sound or look like anyone else. To get my IES HIP HOP HONOR award means a lot to me & my team. We are happy as f*ck, IES is a wonderful thing & I want to be the ONE that inspires the ones coming up, to do the same! You don’t need to worry about what everybody else is doing, or what they think – just be yourself, independent & proud – don’t EVER give up!”