The following are basic the Terms and Conditions of doing business with the Indie Entertainment Summit LLC (herein referred to as ‘IES’):


All IES attendees and applicants to perform at IES are of legal age of 18 (unless accompanied by a parent/guardian). Certain performance locations may demand attendees to be 21 years of age.

All IES seminars and performance events are first come first serve, admission is not guaranteed. A pass is required for entry to the seminars and performances.

IES will use best efforts to provide the listed panelists, performers and performers, but line-up is subject to change, cancellation, or postponement.

No video recording of any panels, seminars, speakers or performers without IES written approval. No commercial sale or use of any said footage allowed. However, attendees will be given access to streaming video of many of the portions of popular seminars.

IES cannot guarantee admission or accessibility to every event/attendee. IES cannot guarantee attendees meeting every speaker, exec or VIP attending.

There are no cancellations or refunds of any IES passes or performance packages purchased. If IES deems, a credit on a future event or performance may be offered.

IES assumes no responsibility or liability related to any attendees or performers travel, equipment, merchandise, accommodations, or any personal items or loss of business from any IE event, promotion, giveaway or business of any kind.

Artist’s will be selected to be allowed to submit to perform.

All performers of official IES Performances must be registered attendees with a pass. If a performance is cancelled by IES due to all members not being registered there are no refunds or cancellation of performance fees paid.

IES cannot guarantee attendance numbers or specific individuals in attendance at performances.


There will be giveaways for Best New Rap Star and Best Band in the Land Contests.

Giveaways are a package, including goods and services, worth approximately the promoted amount. There is no cash value or cannot be redeemed for any amount.

There is no purchase necessary to compete for a giveaway. Artists and musical creators can submit their compositions and recordings for consideration.

Paid participants will also be competing for the giveaways, and their purchase in no way guarantees them to win, or have any technical advantage over others.

The panel of judges will select the winners and make their decisions independently of IES, and their decisions are not influenced by or reflected of the views of IES owners/agents.

Winners cannot transfer their winning goods or services to anyone else or sell to any third party. Those services will then become null & void.

All normal local, state and federal giveaway and applicable rules apply.


All documents, artwork and information on any IES website are protected by copyright and trademark. Except as specifically permitted herein, no portion of the documents or information on this website may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the express written consent of IES.

Nothing on any IES website shall be construed as conferring any license under any of IES or any third party’s intellectual property rights, whether by estoppel, implication, or otherwise.

IES/agents shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained on any IES website, and reserves the right to make changes anytime without notice.

Mention of non-IES products or services is provided for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation by IES. All IES and third-party information provided on any IES website is provided on an “as is” basis.
In no event shall IES/agents be liable for any damages whatsoever, and in particular IES shall not be liable for direct, special, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, or damages for lost profits, loss of revenue or loss of use, cost of replacement goods, loss or damage to data arising out of the use or inability to use any IES website, any IES product or service. This includes damages arising from use of or in reliance on the documents or information present on any IES website (including any information posted or placed by anyone other than IES).

Any non-privileged/proprietary information voluntarily provided to IES in connection with any IES website shall be provided by the submitter and received by IES on a non-confidential basis. Such information shall be considered non-confidential and property of IES. By submitting any such information to IES you agree to a no-charge assignment to IES of all worldwide rights, title, and interest in copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the information. IES shall be free to use such information on an unrestricted basis.

IES websites may contain links to third-party sites or blogs. Access to any website linked to any IES website is not the responsibility of IES and IES is not responsible for the accuracy, or reliability of any content on such websites. Further, the presence of a link to a third-party site does not mean that IES endorses that site, its products, or views expressed there. IES provides these links merely for convenience and the presence of such third-party links are not an endorsement or recommendation by IES.

This IES website is controlled by IES from its offices in the United States of America. All matters relating to your access to, or use of any IES website shall be governed by local, state and federal laws. Any legal action or proceeding relating to your access to or use of any IES website shall be instituted in a state or federal court of IES’ choosing, and you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of/ and agree that venue is proper in these courts.

You may not access, download, use, or export information (including any software, products or services) contained on this IES website in violation of U.S. export laws or regulations, or in violation of any applicable laws or regulations.