Music Gateway provides an extremely simple yet deadly effective platform for our users to connect, work, collaborate and hire other users for their services. We create free work opportunities on a global scale. Whatever your role or level in the music industry, we will save you time, money, generate work and help further your career by developing your music projects.
With thousands of users on board since launch in August 2013, rapid expansion looks to make 2014 a benchmark year for Music Gateway. It’s quickly becoming the No. 1 music industry marketplace and continues to open doors for talented industry professionals.
The platform was created to support independent music by bridging the gap that can stop progression within the music industry. We empower professionals & open doors of opportunity, in turn helping to level the playing field. We connect all roles within the industry including musicians, producers, singers, songwriters, top line writers, publishers, record labels, A&R, artist management, mastering suites & recording studios. We handle secure transactions, audio and also provide project management and career development. We also create a connection between the music industry and the creative worlds of film, TV, gaming and advertising.
We provide a wealth of qualified and talented people to connect and create with.
Music Gateway – Connecting the creative world with Music Professionals
Music Gatewayis a unique and innovative b2b marketplace for music industry professionals. We streamline the way people manage their projects, conduct
business, get hired, coll