The Los Angeles Film School is a creative arts college that offers students an immersive experience, world class facilities and a supportive culture where seasoned instructors collaborate with talented, award-winning alumni to help students build professional networks that can last a lifetime.

Enjoy an immersive educational experience.
• Students are immersed in a 360 degree education in the creative arts which includes learning the necessary technical and creative skills, as well as the important business skills needed to build successful career in the entertainment industry.
• The school’s culture inspires creative expression, gives students a place to discover and explore their talent and helps them build a path to make a living doing what they love.

Take advantage of world class facilities.
• With seasoned, professional instructors and world class facilities, The Los Angeles Film School ensures that students are prepared for a rapidly-evolving entertainment industry.
• The school is also committed to investing in the latest equipment available to ensure that students are learning technical skills they can use right out of college.

Become part of a supportive culture.
• Having built valuable professional networks at The Los Angeles Film School, alumni continue working with their classmates in the industry and often employ current students for internships.
• The school is also host to dozens of exclusive events featuring the industry’s most powerful influencers each year, ensuring students are connected with the right people for their burgeoning careers.