We’re Katerpillar, and the rumors are true: We’re the new sound of funk-break/groove-rock music. Our jams meld rock, hip-hop, funk, Latin-inspired percussion, rap… you name it, it’s in there.

Singer-songwriter Rod Soriano emerged from the womb equipped with a lifetime supply of unforgettable melodies and edgy lyrics. His songwriting prowess lays the foundation for Katerpillar’s signature sound.

Singer Lindsay Cole brings sass and soul with thought-provoking lyrics and lilting melodic intricacies.

From the first percussive slap, bassist Alex Romero piques listeners’ interest with his driving bass grooves. Alex brings a playful sophistication to Katerpillar’s already eclectic sound.

Percussionist Jay “Tio” Pac adds a dash of spicy Latin complexity with an array of percussive instruments; from bongos and congas to timbales and chimes.

World Famous DJ Hazze adds sick scratch tracks, signature raps and unmatched energy to Katerpillar’s pumped-up sound.

Drummer Paul Cassarino is the metronomic master, offering solid beats that perfectly fuse Katerpillar’s rock, hip-hop and funk-influenced styles.

Trumpeter Danny Kay brings it with feisty finesse, contributing dynamic accentuation to Katerpillar’s already unique dynamic.

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