Heart Avail is a modern rock band based in Washington state. Band founders Aleisha and Greg found each other through internet radio and mutual admiration in 2009 and discovered they both had a similar love of a hard rock sound mixed with the classical female voice. Greg mixes down, plays and records all the instrumental parts while Aleisha writes lyrics and melodies, a sound which comes together in a perfect unison to create something haunting and new. Heart Avail has played many cities and venues including Spokane’s own Knitting Factory, NAIRMA’S Road to the Red Carpet Event, Sundance Film Festival 2016 ,The Objective #16 in Nashville, Tn, Gorilla music battle of the bands in Spokane, Wa and many other events in cities nationwide. In February 2016 the band ran a 8 week radio campaign where their single “Broken Fairytale” topped radio charts and continues to be in Record World Magazine and Radio Airplays Top Indie Bands. The group has high goals and great expectations and plans to change the music scene for the better. Their ultimate goal is to bring back good quality music worth paying for~