…Not just a sound but musical poetry, this is Enter The Paradox. The band Enter The Paradox is a melting of styles and sounds forming a new and exciting experience that has been evolving since frontman Brian Bolen first started cutting tracks in Los Angeles, CA during the summer of 2006.

A mix of cutting edge rock, psychedelic, pop punk and hardcore styles, fused together with a classical influence, bring their sound together in ways never before experienced. The screams and staccato like vocals, powerful harmonies and apathetic choruses also help drive the emotion that Enter The Paradox so skillfully embraces. Driving guitar leads, brought to life by Bolen, push the sound of Enter The Paradox to the limit. Bolen’s unique sound and technical mastery of the guitar brings a forceful and captivating tone to the band, as well as his lyrics which brings a story of love, trust, betrayal, revenge, and mayhem to life. The vocals of frontman Brian Bolen tie the band together with a unique sound that conveys all of the style, emotion, pain and power that is Enter The Paradox. Bolen teamed up with friends Reid Cunningham, in the summer of 2012, and friends Ben Davis and Taylor Brinkerhoff in 2014 to complete the members of Enter The Paradox.

With Brinkerhoff’s hardcore-influenced rhythm and veraciously fueled vocals, Davis’s unique bass tone and powerful stage presence, as well as Cunningham’s precise execution of metal and jazz technique on drums; they complete this power house of rock headed straight to the 4thdimension.