ARTISTHEAD MUSIC is an artist consultancy firm that implements the planning and administration of a complete line of related services and resources for the music business professional of all career levels. ARTISTHEAD™ was founded by career musicians that have been successful in both the independent and major label arenas, with the goal of passing on the lessons learned to other artists for their benefit. The mission is to simplify the overall process of starting artist owned record labels and helping to manage those labels while providing them the tools for the sales of their music related products and ongoing support.

ARTISTHEAD creates a virtual patch-bay, connecting the various components of the business. An artist has music or a film and wants to form a legal entity. ARTISTHEAD files the papers of incorporation, copyrights, and trademarks and provides artists the means to competitively manufacture their products and distribute them via physical, digital and viral platforms. We offer career enhancing guidance and education, artist development, production and technical assistance, website design, legal and accounting services, marketing, PR, booking services, and ongoing label and business management.