Keith Aichele – America’s Marketivity Expert® – is the Founder and CEO of Misaic. He is an internationally recognized speaker, author, trainer and successful entrepreneur who has a proven track record and passion for rapidly accelerating businesses. He is a Keynote at America’s largest trade show for entrepreneurs and small businesses, reaching 14 major US cities and over 100,000 entrepreneurs. Every business and entrepreneur must master the science of marketing to achieve extraordinary, sustainable success. In this powerful keynote, Keith will share some of the secrets he’s been asked to teach at one of the top 5 universities in the world, enabling you to begin building an Extreme Marketing Machine. Imagine having a systematic approach to generate a continuous stream of customers and followers, converting more fans into paying customers, and maximizing your limited marketing budget. This keynote will start the journey to elevating the marketing of your entertainment business or career to the next level! Learn more about Keith Aichele at http;//www.KeithAichele.com.

Jane Davidson
is a brand development & social media consultant based in Los Angeles. With her company, BEGIN, she works with clients from many industries. Her company’s largest division is New Music Empire, that provides these services and more to independent artists. Alongside the rest of her team, she’s helped artists in all genres develop their branding, social media presence, and even their sound with their dynamite yet affordable coaching and consulting packages.
Jane developed her expertise in social media and branding while working with top online influencers as a Talent Manager at Fullscreen, an industry-leading multi-channel network. Prior to Fullscreen, she worked at Live Nation, WME, and Warner Bros. Records.
Jane was named the “Outstanding Graduate” the year she graduated from USC’s Music Industry program and regularly guest lectures in courses on Music Marketing and Artist Development.
Jane’s early work history involved running marketing and event production for concert venues, non-profit organizations, and the arts. She started her own local artists stage at Levitt Pavilion Pasadena, and through her work booking those artists and marketing their shows, she created lasting relationships that lead her to build New Music Empire and later, BEGIN.

Nate Jackson
Music Editor for the Orange County Weekly

Nate Jackson is the music editor for southern California publication, OC Weekly. Nate has received several media awards for his features and he is always bringing good content to the arts and entertainment audience.