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REVOLT TV : Marketing Coordinator
It’s not easy to maket to millennials while navigating the digital space but Besidone
Amoruwa is experienced in doing so understanding music culture,
brandin and strategic planning.She first started in the industry
as an intern for aftermath/Intercope Records where she was able to see and contribute
to the beginning of Beats By Dre.After working
at BET Networks and Hidden Beach Recordings
she established her career in music and marketing.Creating JEYERE,
a music and branding consulting business Besidone has
worked with signed and unsigned artists to help promote and brand their music,
engage with fans and create abuzz. Contributing to her music and marketing background
Besidone was also a talent agent managing actors and models in the industry
which expanded her network and knowledge of the entertainment industry.
Besidone also holds a Masters in Business Administration
with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.
Currently Besidone works for “the new #1 name in music”,REVOLT TV
in the marketing department concentrating on community
outreach talks including the GRAMMY Foundations Career Day,
UC Riverside Career Day and continues to mentor
young marketers looking to gain experience in the industry.